Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The library and the zoo

Egypt has decided that it's not good enough to just have stuffed animals or books in her room. They have to be IN her bed. Ever since we gave her Holland's bed (don't worry - he has a bed. He's not sleeping in his closet or anything.) she puts a truckload of animals and books on her bed before naps and bedtime. Before she transitioned to a twin bed, I made a comforter cover for an extra down comforter we had. I was glad it was ready to just pull out of the closet and plop on the bed. It took her a few days to get used to it. But now she brings about 10 books into bed with her and all these stuffed animals and dolls. And she has names for everything. (The boys never named things. So it's quite funny to hear her refer to her animals by name). There's "faffe" (giraffe) and baby girl with the bottle (has to add that bottle part so I don't forget to include that), little rabbit (she won at the harvest party), Wilbur her pink sheep that grunts, the sheeps (there's only one), and of course don't forget to give her the "picmick" blanket. She's got a "purple horse" that's actually a unicorn. But why correct it? She would tell me the sky is green and would argue her point. She also has a "thinking chair" for those of you familiar with Blue's Clues (it's not bright red, either. It's stripey). She will set up the animals on the picmick blanket and read to them. I have to sneak a look because she will stop reading and look at me sideways.

So for now she's crammed in a twin bed with all her zoo friends and reading material. Which actually takes up more room than she does on the bed. But all this keeps her occupied in the morning while she waits for me to get her up. I'd never dream of squelching a new reader's enthusiasm.

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