Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clean Up! Clean Up! Everybody, Everywhere

You never want to have to post about puking. But I've succumbed to reporting everything that happens. And I'm up, so I might as well.

It started off with Egypt waking up from a great nap and us playing. We're downstairs and I hear this gush and turn around and she's projectile vomiting all over the floor. I set her down in the kitchen with a big bowl and clean up the mess. While giving her a bath, dad comes home with the boys from an afternoon of playing basketball and raquetball. First words out of Holland's mouth are "Romania threw up in the car!". Well, of course he did, I thought. Murphy's Law says you can't have just one kid sick.

Hardly anyone ate any dinner. We get all three kids in bed and at 10, just before I'm heading to bed, I go to check on Egypt. Smell hits me right away. She had puked all over herself and her comforter. Get her completely cleaned up, sheets changed and I'm heading back down the hall and Romania is in the bathroom. "I threw up on my bed." So have another set of sheets to change and clothes to change. The smell is the worst. If any smell would make me want to puke, that would be the smell.

I only have one more kid. I think he's up on deck ready for the pitcher.

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