Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Heart School

Ok. One more thing to post today. I was going through Holland's school notebook. I have to sign a paper every day. Basically it's just communication between the teachers and myself. They also may tell me how his day went. Once in a while, they put some school work in there so I can see how he's doing. Let me just say right off - he's normal in this area. It's one of those fill in the blank pages. You know, the type that ask you your favorite, food, or animal. Here's how he answered some:
"I think my favorite subject will be" and he wrote "lunch".
"My favorite school lunch is", "pizza".
"This year, I really want to do this in school", he wrote "bus".
"My favorite place in school is" and he wrote "no where"
"This year I want to learn about", (here's the kicker,) "nething"

Wow! He's just like any other typical kid making his way through the trenches of school. Yipppeee!

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