Friday, November 2, 2007

What's for lunch?

Today my 8 year-old packed his own lunch. Only a crazy person would let her 8 year-old pack his own lunch, right? Well, my 3 year old woke up covered in soupy diarrhea. Holland went upstairs when he heard her wake up. Her bed, sheets, blankets, taggies and pajamas were soaked with this goop. I can't believe she slept through it. What is it with my kids sleeping through raucous bodily functions? Romania slept right through a bout of vomiting the other night. So we got her into the bathroom, stripped her of the mess and popped her in the tub. This was at 8.10 this morning. Bus comes at 8.30. So in the middle of stripping her bed and getting her and her pajamas cleaned up, I told Holland he needed to get his lunch made. He was in heaven, I'm sure. I have no idea what he packed. He hates sandwiches. I pack string cheese, but apparently I bought the wrong kind of string cheese. My mistake. I thought all string cheese was the same. So I have an opened package of string cheese in my fridge that no one will touch. I think he said something about 2 juice drinks (good, now he's hydrated) and some crackers. His teachers are probably going to think I'm some kind of nut packing 2 juice drinks and crackers for a growing boy's lunch.

Well, now I need to go retrieve some Halloween candy from the diarrhea girl. I guess she thinks candy will cure what ails her.

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