Friday, November 16, 2007

Update on the ebay lie

I got a call from Holland's teacher about 3 minutes before he was to arrive home. She wanted to warn me that I had a battle ahead of me. Uh-oh. They determined that he bought the cards for $1 from a boy on the bus. (that's why he came up with the buying lie). Holland was given two choices for what to do with the cards: he could give them to the teacher or give them to me to give back to her. He chose to give them to me, but she called to warn me that he wasn't happy about either decision. She told me the future lawyer came up with many good arguments as to why he should keep them.

So when he walked in the door, I was armed and ready for battle. "Mom, Nicole wanted me to give these to you."
Coolly, "Oh, great. Thanks." Shock waves flying through my brain. I immediately call Nicole to tell her the good news. More shock (and awe, ha ha). Then a phone call 30 minutes later. Turns out Holland convinced (more lawyer moves) another teacher to make photocopies of the cards! (brilliant!) so he could color them and calm down. Wow. He IS good. He gave me the 'fake' cards and had the real ones in his pocket! He tries to convince me he didn't know I wanted the real cards. I told him I didn't ask for any cards; he offered, so he must have known what he was doing.

Now, if he could just harness that power and use it for good....

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