Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jingle Bell

To keep track of Holland, we've had to install a lock on his door. Oh, I know, I know. Not safe. But what's worse? Having him leave the house in the middle of the night? (not kidding - he went over to my neighbor's house at 3 in the morning. They kept bringing him back, but he kept returning. X-box, you know. They finally kept him the last time and then called me at 6.30). So, I think a little lock is a good trade off for knowing where he's at. Well, the little smart-aleck figured out how to pick the lock. He found some small screwdriver and jiggled the knob from inside and has been able to open it. So, last night I was trying to figure out how to be able to hear him when he jiggled the knob. I found a Christmas jingle bell and hooked it between his door and his brother's. At 5.30 this morning "jingle jingle". I went down the hall. His light was on and he was trying to maneuver that knob. I told him through the door to get back to bed. He wasn't happy and after another go at it, he finally did go back to bed. He's very persistent and can have a one-track mind sometimes. It's like he develops tunnel vision for whatever he's working on and even if you tell him it won't work, he still has to try it out for himself. He's working on a tunnel in the backyard....

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