Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Christmas Letter

Oh boy. I'd better get my Christmas cards put together. My hard-working husband loves to write up a letter every year. But I end up proofing, editing and condensing it. I caught him this morning starting to write it. He had even added a picture of us in Hawaii. Now, having a picture of our family in Hawaii isn't bad, but Holland wasn't in the best of moods on our trip (he cried almost the entire time. And not mad crying-sad crying.) So this wonderful trip turned into a really depressing experience because he was so gloomy the entire time. The one family picture we have, he's standing there in a wet suit, staring down at the sand. I really don't want to send this picture out. I'm hoping to include a short typed message on a 3X5 piece of cardstock. I already ordered the prints and will just need to assemble them.

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