Friday, November 16, 2007

Let's Play Bunco!

Tonight I got to indulge in my one guilty pleasure for the month. I got together with 11 other girlfriends and played Bunco. If you've never played, you're missing out on some great action. Lots of yelling, laughing and of course food (the main ingredient in these fun nights). This same group of gals has been getting together for over a year now. We rotate homes and hosts and leave our husbands and kids alone to fend for themselves for a few hours. I can tell you, I come home refreshed and full of new insight into my friends' lives. Getting 12 women together is a hoot and we all have plenty of stories to share from the previous month.

Even though I didn't win anything tonight, I came home to a quiet house with all three kids asleep! That's prize enough!


Jax said...

Amen to that sista friend!!

blogda said...

I was Goggling "Bunco", and I found your blog...great stuff! I'm new to Bunco, but I love it! My daughter-in-law's Mom invited me to her group and I can't get enough of it. She told me about this High Rollers Club at, and it's been so much fun! It's not only all about Bunco, but you can set up a great scrapbook with your photo and videos. Love it! Anyway, thanks for the great blog, and keep on rollin'!