Monday, November 5, 2007

What's my prize?

Today we saw a Urologist. The first thing he asks the doc is if he gets a prize. Why are kids so embarrassing sometimes? You'd think they had barn animals raising them looking at their manners.

Down to just one more doctor before we find out what's going on with Holland. This doc had more information than the others (tests sent to him) and he's really leaning towards tethered cord. When we started our conversation, he said there were about 5 red flags for him. The fact that he has spina bifida and that he's reverted back to enuresis is not a good sign. He has gaps in his spine in two different places. If it's tethered cord, he said the surgery is pretty simple, just an overnight stay. It would be wonderful if it is that easy to fix. I'm supposed to get him to the toilet every 2 hours. (Is he crazy? It's like telling a sick mom to rest!) I'm supposed to buy this $50 watch (which I'm sure will last a whole day here) that vibrates to remind him to go. It would probably become some science project.

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