Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Science Guy

What do you do when your 8 year-old carries a turkey bone around with him? I cooked a turkey on Sunday and Holland was fascinated with the leg bone. I found it upstairs and asked super-hero dad to get rid of it. The next day, he pulled it out of his coat pocket at the therapist's office. Lovely. Let's show off our turkey bone.

He's also been doing a lot of experiments lately. Everything is fair game. He found some popsicle molds and decided he would freeze juice we had brought home from the hospital in those little cups. I said fine he could do that. The next day, he pulls them out of the freezer and told me we could only eat the two on the end because the other 4 were actually colored water. I asked him where he got the food coloring from. He had used ink from a marker to color the water. I'm going to have to put Poison Control on my speed dial. I cannot keep up with him. He wants to freeze things in ice cube trays. He uses syringes to pump water and see if he can get it to shoot something off the end and if so, how far. One day he put 4 different kinds of hair gels, creams and waxes in his hair because he wanted it spikey. It took two days of washing to get it all out. He collected chunks of ice from our 1950's freezer in a fridge we defrosted over the weekend. He wanted to build something out of the ice. But before he remembered he wanted to do that, the ice melted on the table.

Wanna come help me clean up?

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Laura and the family said...

Poor you! I have to say the stuff he has done made me laugh so hard!

The next time, your son does this kind of experiment. Don't forget to take pictures? We, the readers, would love to see what he has done.