Saturday, January 12, 2008

Conversation with a Caveman

My super-hero husband got a gift card from his office at Christmas. He's worried it's going to expire so this morning while I was juggling frosting cookies for a memorial service, telling Egypt to stop bothering the boys and stirring the noodles I was cooking, he asks me what I need at the store because he's going out.
me (thinking): I don't need anything right now and can't even stop to answer this question intelligently.
me: Why don't you get a new paper shredder? This one doesn't work.
him: Yes it does. I just used it the other day and it works fine.
me: How many times did you shred the paper before it actually cut it?
him: Three.
me: Ok. It doesn't work. Get a new one.
him: I would rather spend the money on something we need.
me: Ok. Can you buy some Levi's for Holland, size 8?
him: He doesn't really need any new pants. Let's wait until he grows some more.
me: Why are you asking me what I need if you're not going to buy what I tell you?


Laura and the family said...

If this caveman was my husband, I would then tell him last, "Then what did you have in mind when I give you an answer?" I do that a lot to my husband. Even better, I sometimes like to see him putting his foot in his mouth :-)

Jax said...

It's soo nice to see that these conversations happen in every home and not just mine ;)