Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day #2

I'm documenting that I finally got a chance to exercise. And even two days in a row!! woo-hoo! I bought a DVD the other day. Someone had recommended "The Firm" workout series. They have a bunch of different videos that target various areas. I got "Burn and Shape". Sounds good. Let's burn. Let's shape.

Let's also get something straight. I'm not 20, I'm not thin and I sweat. I look nothing like those girls on the DVD. I saw plenty of close-ups and unless they somehow retouched a video shoot, not one of those girls sweat during the entire 45 minutes. That's disgusting. I hurt in areas I forgot could hurt. Yesterday I made super-hero dad take the boys out after Romania's basketball game. I put Egypt to bed for a nap and moved the furniture around. Now I know why I like working out in a pool. You can sweat and no one notices.

Today I did a DVD that uses a giant rubber ball. I think it's called a Yoga ball, but it wasn't yoga. I'm surprised at how good a workout it was. I felt stretched, and a little taller. I have to be strategic about these workouts. If all the kids are around, I will never get to exercise. They bounce the ball all over the house and they'd probably be laughing at me because I go left when the instructor goes right.

Tomorrow I'm planning a trip to the club. Finally. A day with no doctor appointments, pending teacher conferences or a visit to the vet. Egypt is gonna go play in the child care room and I'm gonna go jump in 15 feet of water. I'm gonna sweat and no one will know.

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