Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Tour of the Hospital

Today I picked Holland up from school and we went over to the hospital to pre-register and to take a tour of where he'll be having surgery. The nurse who called me yesterday said that kids really benefit from seeing where they will be and getting familiar with all the equipment and meeting staff. I was planning to tell him on Sunday, but felt he would really benefit from seeing all this. He wants to live there now.

After a boring 45 minutes of answering questions and filling out forms, we were taken over to the pediatric unit and given a great tour of all the rooms he'd be in and even got to peek into the O.R. He'll be staying overnight and we got to see the kind of room he'd be in after surgery. The most important part of his recovery is he has to stay flat for 24 hours or he could get a spinal headache. My mom had this kind of headache after delivering her children. It's not a fun thing to experience so I'm really hoping he stays down. The most thrilling thing for him (his eyes looked like big saucers after he heard this) was finding out they have Nintendo, Game Cube and countless cable channels of television for him. He gets to lay in bed and play Game Cube. He wants to move in there.

I asked if there was anything special to eat he wanted me to bring. He said, "tacos and a big can of corn." What a sensible guy.

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Laura and the family said...

Personally, I think it is a good thing to prepare a child to know
what's happening before and after the surgery. I know God will give you and your family in good hands.

After he recovers from a surgery, he deserves to get a reward, playing a game ; )