Thursday, January 3, 2008

I love school!

This is what I got out of Romania on his first day:
me: What did you do?
him: I don't know.
me: Well, did you do any writing?
him: Yes.
me: Ok. Did you do any math?
him: No.
me: Did you get to go play outside?
him: Yes! We went outside two times.
me: What was your favorite thing you did?
him: We had two snack times and ate lunch. Mr. John (his teacher) also told us the joke of the day and I got POPCORN!
me: Oh good. You got popcorn.
him: Yea. I really don't think I learned anything.

He did tell me one thing I'm happy about. They actually do the Pledge of Allegiance! Can you believe it? A public school doing the Pledge of Allegiance. Bet the ACLU will be on this one.

Yesterday before I drove him to school, this is the conversation we had:
him: I think I'm going to be funny and tell jokes to make people laugh
me: Maybe you shouldn't do that the first day.
him: Okay. I'll do it the second day.
(such concrete thinking comes from his dad!)
I'll let you know how his joke-telling went.


Laura and the family said...

Your son and my older son are alike-- wanted to tell jokes!

Jax said...

Always enter with a joke!! I love it :)