Monday, January 7, 2008


I should have known that public school was going to be a gold mine for blog posts. When I picked Romania up from the bus hub today, he had paperwork for me to look at. I was expecting to see forms for registration and a supplies list. He hands me a paper that screams "I was in trouble". Official-looking paper with all these boxes checkmarked, handwritten notes, instructions for the parents.

Since Romania has never been to public school, he hasn't really had experience with standing in line, raising his hand, etc. We've done all our schoolwork at a desk in the schoolroom. He's never had to wander all over a classroom looking for supplies.
Today, another student reminded him to walk with his scissors pointed down. He told me he was afraid he would poke himself, so he didn't want to do that. He was too angry to explain himself at school and ended up throwing the scissors. He gets angry and has trouble coming back down, so I wasn't surprised (more embarrassed) that he couldn't dig himself out of this. At least the first three days were rock solid!

When we got home, I helped him write letters of apology to the student and his teacher. Just yesterday in Sunday School, he made a little booklet called "Wise Words" and drew pictures of himself in those situations. I guess he'll have to take that with him to remember what to do.

Stay tuned for more exciting public school adventures!

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Laura and the family said...

What's happening with his update school activities so far? I am pretty good he has made a lot of progresses since he started.