Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally, an answer and a decision

One more post today. I think three posts in one day is crazy enough. But here goes.
I got a call from the microneurosurgeon's office today. We are scheduled for surgery on Monday, January 14th. She's sending the paperwork for check-in. It will seem more real this weekend, I'm sure. I checked with my pediatrician, who has caught all of Holland's issues early on. I trust her opinion about these things and she has said she believes it's the right decision.

The surgery takes a couple of hours and I get to stay in the hospital with him. I'm so grateful for that. I'm looking forward to hospital bed-head. He goes home on Tuesday and should be up and around in three to four days. It's so nice to have an end in sight. Of course, I am still praying for total healing before this!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear things are looking brighter! i really wanted to note that I am thoroughly enjoying the grammar lessons.

Laura and the family said...

You are not crazy to post three times a day-- I enjoy reading your update blog. It keeps us closer :-)