Friday, January 18, 2008

The foreign language project

With Holland and Romania in school most of the day, I've decided I need a project to keep me busy. And keep me from cleaning the house. I love to sew and just bought a wonderful Baby Lock sewing machine. It has tons of decorative stitches, easy buttonholes and with the push of a button, it cuts the thread (it really is a big deal). Over the Christmas break, I bought a pattern for sewing girl's clothes off I was getting so tired of not finding anything I liked in the regular pattern books, so I went hunting for something different. I found something very different. I bought a pattern book written entirely in Japanese. Too bad I can't read Japanese. But the pictures are very clear, so I can probably do it. Just have to figure out how much yardage, transfer all the pattern pieces to tissue and cut the pieces with 5/8" seam allowance. No biggie. Then Egypt will be stylin' (like that's a problem)

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Zoey said...

You write very well.