Monday, January 7, 2008

Down to One

I'm going on Day #4 of just having one child at home. I've accomplished a few things I wanted to, but still haven't made it to the gym for my exercise. It was actually snowing when I left the house to take Romania to school and there was no way I was going to go walking! I've done things like mail ebay packages, do loads of laundry, make phone calls, clean the kitchen, vacuum. All those normal things that other people can get done when they're not homeschooling!

I am still feeling naked without all of them here. When Holland went to school, it was a little different because so much tension left the house when he went to school. But with Romania leaving, I'm still feeling torn. Today I was getting ready to do some puzzles with Egypt and she said to me, "I want "Holland" and "Romania" to come home." I wasn't even thinking she had noticed they weren't around. She's usually making so much fuss over what they're doing or not doing. That made me even more sad.

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Laura and the family said...

How did she handle so far without having siblings?

This morning, Ryan stayed home with his dad because I was told by his school that he has a pink eye (which he didn't have one from the doctor-- only was warning to all of other parents that he and others may be exposed.) Anyway, Dylan and I were on our way out to school/work. Dylan said to me, "Wait a minute. You forgot to bring Ryan" at the front door before leaving. Isn't that sweet for our children (yours and mine) to think about their sibling(s?)