Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two For One MRI's

Stranger things have happened, but we seem to have had our share of trips to the hospital and emergency room (see yesterday's post!) Both Super-Hero dad and Holland are having MRI's this week. Super-Hero goes in today to have them look at his shoulder. He's been having pain for quite some time and like any normal man, he waits until he can't move it at all and THEN he goes to the doctor. At first, the orthopedic doctor sent him to do Physical Therapy. He went probably 15 times total and did his exercises religiously twice a day. Things were not improving and he thought were even getting worse. So they scheduled an MRI today to figure out what's going on. He probably got hurt landscaping our backyard and then scar tissue formed over whatever didn't heal properly.

Which brings us to MRI #2. With all of Holland's medical issues, little things like headaches were getting pushed to the side. But after his "holy moley" ear infection cleared up and they didn't go away, the pediatrician said it's time to check out his brain. Is there some Guiness Book record that we have broken for the most ailments to one person? I'm kinda thinking we're close if we haven't already beaten it. I'm not even trying to predict the outcome of this one. Because we have to go back and see the surgeon that did his tethered cord surgery. He's been having bowel problems and tingling in his feet and legs. Both are symptoms of scar tissue forming over the cord that was cut.

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