Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now Pay Attention

Have you ever wondered what happens when a mom doesn't feel good and decides to lay down for a short rest? Here's what happens: bowls of cat food get moved around - there's a trail down the hallway to Egypt's room; the family room becomes a tornado touchdown point and I end up purchasing something on ebay. How does that work? Well, you have a curious and ambitious 8 year-old who's been eyeing Lego Star Wars parts on ebay and decides to bid and buy something.

When I checked email this afternoon I saw an email that read "Congratulations on your ebay purchase". I couldn't believe that he actually did this. I told him he'd be purchasing those items and then when they arrived, I would post and sell them on ebay and he would not get any of his money back.

Just a head's up for all you parents not paying attention (didn't think that was possible, did ya?). They're sneaky and quick and it'll cost ya!

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Dawnelle said...

i can't believe it- ebay!!