Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super-Hero Joins the Ranks

No, not those ranks. The ranks of "patient of surgery". Two weeks ago he had an MRI on his shoulder. It's been bothering him for some time now. He's done physical therapy like it was a religion and still no improvement. Yesterday I called the dr.'s office to find out more about his treatment options. The interpreter that showed up I don't think did a very thorough job and left him wondering about things. I called expecting to find some answers, but found out instead that he had an appointment today. She told me they didn't have an interpreter scheduled - the agency never called back with someone for the job. So instead of cancelling the appointment, I asked my mom to watch the kids so I could go in. I haven't interpreted in a long time and medical interpreting can be tricky with all the jargon and words that I don't know the signs for. But I'm so glad I did.

Turns out the doctor he had before this (at the same office) told him he didn't have any tears on his shoulder and that it could be corrected by a manipulation (while he was under anesthesia). I didn't understand this type of treatment and felt the interpreter did a poor job with her translation. Turns out he DOES have a tear and also a bone spur. The doctor explained there was no way to correct this other than surgery and intense physical therapy everyday for three weeks following the surgery. Super-Hero was pretty stunned. He'll have to take a week off from work and we don't have enough phsyical therapy visits left on our insurance to cover all the therapy.

We scheduled the surgery for May 21st.

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