Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Trip to the ER

I think we are on a first-name basis with doctors at two different hospitals. Romania finally ended up in the ER on Monday night from a dog bite. I guess it was his turn to be in the hospital. Holland and Egypt have had their fair share of injuries, illnesses and mishaps. He was playing next door with the neighbor's son, doing boy things - running around with nerf guns. He tried to pet their Pomeranian and she didn't see him and freaked and bit him on the face. So at 5.45 I left for the emergency room. I was just putting dinner on the table. Super-Hero had just walked in the door when I was walking out. Pure chaos - which is completely normal at our house.

He did amazingly well. They put a topical numbing liquid on his lip, he had several x-rays of his face done to make sure no teeth fragments were left in and then he got three stitches. He was treated to dinner at McDonald's and then we picked up an antibiotic. And unlike all those television programs on emergency rooms, this was snail-slow. We were there almost three hours. Nothing is fast about the ER (except maybe the bill). I let us all sleep in this morning and then drove him to school. He was so proud of his stitches and showed all his classmates. He doesn't know that come Saturday when he has them taken out it's gonna hurt worse because it won't be numb. Looking forward to Saturday.

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