Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen, Indeed!
I always loved saying that in church on Easter Sunday. For some reason we didn't do that today and every time someone on stage said it, I answered with that phrase. We had our service over at the high school auditorium. Egypt stayed in her Sunday School class across the street at the church and the boys came in with me. I have to say, they did pretty well with sitting through the service. Romania really likes the singing. Here's a quick picture of the three of them right after church (before they had a chance to get dirty or rip off their clothes and change!) I made Egypt's dress and hat over the past three days. I only found the fabric on Wednesdsay morning and didn't even start sewing until Thursday evening. I was also able to throw together a hat with some leftover fabric. Now, if I can just convince Super-Hero that I neeeeed that expensive serger. I could totally sell this on etsy in my store!

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