Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Today was such a beautiful day! Even though the sun was out this morning and it was chilly, it warmed up so nicely. Made me want to garden! We just didn't have time today, but hopefully this next week, we'll be able to get some plants in the garden. Holland has been given several starter plants and my kitchen area has become a regular greenhouse. I'm trying not to get annoyed at the mess - the cats have knocked over some of the plants and we come home to dirt all over the floor. But last weekend we were able to get some flower seeds and some carrots in the ground. He has a way of distracting me when I'm trying to get something done. He bugs me until I find myself somehow involved in his plans. Not sure how that happens. Maybe it's just easier than putting him off.

We also had an amazing number of birds visit our feeders today. We have suet, black oil sunflower seeds and thistle on our deck and finally today, we had 4 woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, Scrub Jays, Juncos and my personal favorite, the Purple House Finch. They are the most amazing birds with this firey red crown and nape (why it's called a "purple" finch is beyond me). But the kids are learning all the names of the birds and I love it when one of them yells "there's a chickadee at the feeder!" What's even more fun is that they are finally coming to the feeder we have attached to the window. It's a clear plastic feeder with suction cups and they perch on the edge of the little house and we can watch them close up. They aren't disturbed by the big mean Scrub Jays. I got a couple pictures of the woodpeckers that ate the suet, but they didn't turn out very well since I had to take them through the window.

The other fun thing about spring is that Holland is learning how to mow the lawn. I was getting the biggest laugh out of watching him. Super-hero was getting frustrated because Holland couldn't steer in a straight line. My neighbor was over chatting and we were watching him push this big lawn mower that probably weighs more than he does. Super-hero is yelling over the noise of the mower to "go this way!" and Holland just keeps pushing it and swaying back over what he just mowed. I don't even care that the lines weren't straight, but when you're married to an engineer, you can just imagine how much it bugs him not to see these perfectly straight lines in the grass. But who cares? My 10 year-old wants to mow the lawn. Happy momma.

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