Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Big Purchase

I actually did it. I bought the serger I've been drooling over. It's the biggest purchase I've made in awhile. Hospital bills don't count as purchases. I've been struggling with the Huskylock and the threads that keep coming off the looper. It is so frustrating to be serging something and getting to the end of a seam only to find that somewhere along the way the thread came out and you've cut the entire length of your seam off. I was getting really into sewing all these outfits after I donated that dress and ruffle pants to Romania's school auction. I put a few things back up on my etsy site here. This serger will make everything look professional and take half the time. I had the dealer demo several of the stitches just so I could make sure I was making the right decision. Anyone who sews, knows how much work it is to make a ruffle or gather something. This machine actually does it! Two to one gathering is done just like a regular seam. This is going to be so fast - now I just have to see if anyone's going to buy all my creations!

Included with the price of the machine was a 3-year warranty (which is good in my house since things seem to break a week after they get here) and $300 worth of extra feet attachments. When I pulled it out of the box tonight, there was a sample piece of fabric attached to the footplate and 4 pieces of thread that had been cut off. I could see that the stitch was perfect and all I had to do was tie my four spools of thread on and away I went! Now off to cut a pair of pants and a dress to sew!

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