Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back At The Hospital

So it's been pretty stressful around here lately. Holland has been having trouble behaviorally, emotionally and phsyically. On Friday, I took him back to the gastroenterologist up at Emanuel. He started having accidents again which is what first put us up there with the diagnosis of spina bifida with tethered cord. We are completely gluten-free and he's taking Miralax twice a day. There should be no problems with this, but there is. On Thursday I called the doctor's office at 5 p.m. not even expecting them to answer the phone. Not only did they answer, they had a cancellation on Friday at 2.30. We answered a bunch of questions, he felt his tummy, checked his reflexes and sent us up to the main hospital for an x-ray. He suspected that he was backed up and would need a good "cleaning". He also suspects (although this is not his area of expertise, he does have an understanding of what complications come with tethered cord) that scar tissue has formed over the area on his cord that was cut to release the pressure. He has been having tingling in his legs and feet, which to him indicates pressure building up on the spine again. I will be calling our surgeon next week to go back and see her. I don't know how else besides surgery that they would even be able to say for sure that scar tissue has formed. They couldn't even 100% diagnose the tethered cord until she did the surgery.

Last night we did a "cleaning". Although the taste of this was better than the magnesium citrate drink (fizzy, salty, cherry drink), the results were about the same. He had two major episodes that required a shower and a complete change of clothes. He kept apologizing and I kept telling him it wasn't his fault. I totally expected this since I had given him 6X the normal dose of Miralax. On a positive note, I did notice that his mood had improved. He was laughing and cracking some jokes. We are going to our pediatrician on Monday to discuss the daily headaches he's been getting.

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