Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MRI Results

We got tentative results back from the MRI last Friday. The radiologist determined there could be something called AVM (arteriovenous malformations) on the left side of his head. I am still waiting to hear from the surgeon who did his tethered cord surgery for a definite diagnosis. But from what I've been researching, this is when arteries and veins are tangled up and interfere with circulation. They can form on the brain or spinal cord so it's not really surprising that he has spina bifida and tethered cord if he does in fact have AVM. There is more information about it here. But many of the symptoms he has and the problems he's been diagnosed with seemed to be explained by this condition. His headaches are not getting any better and Tylenol with Codeine only puts him to sleep. We barely get any school done and I basically just want to quit the rest of the year and read all day. Who cares about studying history or doing math when faced with a problem like this?

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Dawnelle said...

wow, heidi, that sounds serious, and scary. I'll be praying for him.