Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Sports Season Again

Romania just started basketball last week. He's had about three practices and on Saturday played his first game. He was bouncing all over the court, hopping back to the opposite side whenever the direction of the ball changed. It was fun and funny to watch. He made 2 baskets and had several assists (according to Super-Hero; I wasn't counting!) They practice twice a week, which isn't bad, but Thursday's practices are at 7 and for us that's kinda late because he gets home after 8.

Holland and Egypt are swimming twice a week, which is great excercise for Holland, but I practically have to bribe him every time we go. He just hates it, but you'd never know it once he gets in the pool. He basically gets a one-on-one lesson. After being in the same level for about 2 years, I asked if they had special considerations for kids with disabilities. They said yes they did and so the second session of lessons he's had his own teacher. He's made some good progress, but he still has trouble with the rhythm of kicking. He ends up just flailing around. Hopefully in the next couple of sessions he'll progress enough to move up. Me? I get to sit for 30 minutes and do nothing. Aaaaaahh.

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