Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day In The Life

Today was a packed schedule, from the moment I fell out of bed (just kidding). After dropping Romania at the bus stop, we had about an hour of schoolwork before heading off to ceramics class. Then it was home again for more school, lunch and then swim lessons. I had to remember to pack clothes for after swim, snacks for after swim and after my chiropractic appointment. Yes, today was the only day I could fit in an appointment. I even had to get my mom involved. She had to pick up Romania from the bus stop. By some miracle, I remembered to throw some chicken in the crockpot so when I came home from being gone all afternoon, and before I had to get Romania to basketball practice, we actually would have something to eat. Things are getting so complicated. Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode?

The rest of my week looks no better:
Tuesday - Holland's appointment with his therapist; school; speech in afternoon; pick up Romania
Wednesday - school; swim; pick up Romania; another dr. appointment
Thursday - HIGHday co-op; meeting with ES; speech; pick up Romania; Romania's bb practice
Friday - Romania has no school, but we'll be doing school anyway all day.

Now that doesn't look like a whole lot on paper (internet, whatever), but you have to figure in drive time; allow time for arguments, not being able to find clothes/shoes/socks/bag/lunch, rescuing a cat locked in a closet, finding gross dirty clothes under someone's bed; and the 2 classroom sets of Valentine's that we have to make (Romania's school is "environmentally friendly" and they like you to make them. Does printing them count?) And I always seem to run out of things that have to be replaced right away (dish soap, laundry soap, pullups, deoderant). Why does that happen? Is there some law of Murphy's that says you have to run out of laundry soap when no one has any clean clothes left? I would love to be able to pull something dirty out of the laundry room and make them wear it, but I'm not kidding, there's just no way that clothes smelling like that wouldn't offend (or scare) someone.

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