Friday, February 20, 2009

He has the crud

I usually don't like to write about the bodily functions of my family, but last night was a doozy. Super-hero was up all nite puking in the bathroom. The reason I share this is because it totally disturbed my sleep! I know. I know. I'm so callous. But when you have to take care of three kids and get them off to school and you have a sick adult (a man no less) on your hands, it's hard to function on no sleep. I had locked Holland's door last night, something I haven't done in a long time. But he's getting up very early and wandering around the house again. The other morning I found milk on the counter, cocoa mix in the sink and food out of the pantry. Then he ends up sleeping on the couch with the fireplace on and the heat cranked up to 80. So, I must lock his door so he doesn't sweat us to death.

This morning I'm taking a shower after listening to puking all night. I have to get Romania to the bus hub and then get back for a few moments of school before heading off to Portland for a chiropractor appointment for me. All of a sudden I hear pounding. That's when I remembered I locked the door. Even if super-hero hadn't been sick, there's nothing he could have done about the pounding, what with not being able to hear and all. So, I ended my shower prematurely and ran downt he hall in a towel to let the cat out of the bag. He had wet the bed. Or more precisely the floor. I swear we should just get rid of his bed. He never sleeps on it. He ends up on his floor, my floor, the couch downstairs. Apparently it's not cozy enough. So the night he decides to sleep on the floor and be cozy (that makes perfect sense, right?) he has an accident. So, I'm rushing him down to my shower to get cleaned up and it's then that super-hero decides he needs water very badly and starts grumbling. This is the perfect situation where cloning would be beneficial. No one in my family seems to understand that there is just one of me and four of them. Everyone feels I'm ignoring him (and believe me, sometimes I wish I could!)

But we all survived the day and they are all in bed. I doubt they all brushed their teeth, but hopefully they all went to the bathroom!

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