Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Can Name That Tune in Three Notes

"He-ey kids, of all the rest, these are the Books we love the BEST! We can sing them one by one. Come on kids let's have some fun! Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy..."

This is our new favorite song. And I'm not just talking the kids. I love it! They are learning the Books of the Bible in Sunday School. I learned them when I was young, but have forgotten the song over the years. So unless I sing a ditty, I can't remember the order. (It's like knowing how many days in a month - I have to sing a song). So it turns out that Holland's Sunday School teacher loaned him a tape with the song on it. We play it every morning while we're waiting for Romania's bus to come to the bus hub. It's very addicting. I still get stuck with the last few books of the Old Testament. I'm hoping that having a song will help Holland to remember them. Memory is a funny thing. He could recall a detail from a book that I couldn't remember (we had just read the book yesterday!) when I was telling a friend about it. I stumbled and said "oh they turned into something but I can't remember." And Holland piped right up (didn't even know he was following the conversation) and said "Crows. They turned into crows."

Of course, he can also remember when I owe him money (I currently owe him $10), or that he could play with a friend on Friday, or that I promised to go to Fred Meyer. But for some unknown, unexplained reason, he can't remember to pick up all the tiny pieces of radio that he hammered with a crowbar. Yes, that's right. This is our latest "experiment". Taking things apart with a crowbar. But all the environmentalists would love him because he recycled the parts to make a robot and a battery operated vehicle of some sort.


Laura and the family said...

Literally speaking about his latest experiment, I would not be surprise to see Holland being the next Thomas Edison II! And then his future name will be in the fame.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name or singer of the books of the bible song? I'm trying to find a copy of it to use at church.


heidi said...

The CD is from "Focus on the Family"
You can find it under the "store" link. It's called "The Singing Bible".

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! i have been trying for ages to track it down.