Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Just Too Stressful

I thought I would be able to handle it. I thought I wouldn't get upset. But apparently, watching my son, the mini-NBA player in a basketball game for 7 year-olds, makes me a wreck. I seriously got irritated every time one of the opposing players knocked the ball out of his hand; or stole it while he was dribbling or made him miss a basket. And it didn't help that super-hero dad forgot to bring the strap for his glasses so he had to play without them. He dribbled so close to the floor I wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't see or he didn't want anyone to take the ball.

I told super-hero that I was a non-contact sport kinda gal. I play tennis. I could do badmitten. But forget basketball. Someone in my space would make me want to knock 'em down. They don't keep score for games in this age group. And they're pretty lax on the traveling calls. I just don't know if I can enjoy myself because I just tense up when he's playing. After the game I asked if he had fun. "Yes. Can I play the computer?" Well, there you have it. The attention span of a 7 year-old.

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