Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Hate Planning Parties

For some reason, I just can't get into planning a birthday party. The boys' birthdays are a day apart and I can never get up enough motivation to plan anything. Usually we do something lame, like go to a park. One year we didn't even make it to our own party. I had just invited my sister and her kids and I couldn't find the place I said to meet. It was really pathetic. They ended up partying without us.

The other big problem is having to clean the house. And not just for guests (if I get up enough energy for that), but for new toys/books/gadgets that will flood the house with two birthdays at a time. Part of me wants to completely empty their rooms. Purge. Oh wait. I've already done that with Holland. Several times. And it always finds its way back into his room. This last round of room-cleansing, some boxes did actually make it to the basement, but what was transferred to the garage, is now back in his room. I guess I'm just not looking forward to the chaos I feel when new things enter the house. Because I know that within hours, there will be parts and pieces and doodads leaving a trail around the house.

I need some motivation.

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Jax said...

The trick with purging is that it needs to leave your house the same day you put it in the box. If you do it fast often I can't even remember what was in the boxes to miss what I got rid of. If I have time to reconsider getting rid of it, it ends up back in circulation. Just a suggestion.