Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost and Found

I didn't have time to post about our lost kitty until she was found. But it was a traumatic day, for sure! Romania has been out of school all week and I was doing light school with Holland. I hadn't seen Fancy all morning and asked the kids if they'd seen her. We looked in all the usual hiding spots, but couldn't find her. Finally around noon, I emailed super-hero and asked if he saw her before he left for work. Yes, he had. He had gone outside to put something in his car and she followed him out. Now, our cats are not outdoor cats, so I'm not sure why he even let her out. But, he didn't make sure that she followed him back in. She had been outside for about 6 hours before we realized she was missing. Oh. And it snowed in the morning. Indoor cat + snow + 6 hours = not good.

Right away Holland made three lost cat signs to hang around the neighborhood. We put two on mailboxes and then drove around calling for her. Several neighbor kids came over and looked in our backyard and past the fence where the tree fort is. No Fancy. I was positive that I would just have one kitty from now on. After the kids were in bed, I went out for a much needed break at Target. (great escape, huh? Shopping at Target!) When I came home, I stood outside and just listened for her. I called and heard some quiet meowing. I looked over and saw her come from behind the hydrangea bush. I still don't know if she wandered around or stayed in our yard and was just hiding. The kids of course were thrilled to see her. She was wet and muddy but very happy and hungry. I've decided to put them in the laundry room at night so there's no more escaping.

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