Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Need a Secretary

Apparently one person can't do it all. And it's not because I'm not trying. I got a call from Holland's charter school saying we never signed up for the statewide Writing assessment. It is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily Holland's speech session got canceled. We drove over to the school and he had about a 30 minute session. I just felt horrible. He is so not prepared to do the kind of writing they are expecting. I tried to prep him right before we left and he just ended up throwing his pencil and ran off crying. We were very blessed to have a proctor who was very understanding. He has accomodations written into his IEP, so we are spreading out the testing over several days and he is one-on-one with the proctor.

And let's complicate things even more. I drove Romania to school this morning. I wanted to hand-deliver his immunization records. As soon as I walked into the building, the Principal said, "oh, people have been talking about you. They heard you know sign and want you to teach a class." If this doesn't give me a mental breakdown, I don't know what will. How do I answer that? "I'm sorry. I have no time to help you out. I'm busy schooling Holland, driving to doctor appointments, going to swim lessons, meeting for speech, attending a ceramics class. Somewhere in there I manage to feed everyone and wash clothes every now and then." How do I explain to people that I'm overwhelmed and cannot add one more thing without sounding like I'm making excuses? Let me know if you've figured that one out.


Jax said...

This is something that I haven't figured out either. What frys me the most about this is that if you worked a regular 9-5 job this would never happen. But because we "stay home" (but really, are we ever home?) they think we just hang out in our bath robe catching up on Days of our lives. GRR. I feel your pain sista!
Bug's school expects me to volunteer once a month in the class room, which I don't have a problem with. But I just got "the talking to" last time that they would rather not have any other kids with me. So I have to put them in daycare? Does this not defeat the whole stay at home mom thing? I told them that I could not do this and they threw a fit reminding me of my responsibilities to my child's education. ??!! Really?? So yeah good times :)

heidi said...

It just doesn't make sense, does it? I tried to volunteer last year in Romania's 1st grade class. I only had Egypt with me, but she just couldn't sit still and be quiet. His teacher was very nice and understanding, but I really can't focus if I'm worried she's going to run out of the room, or ruin something. I've also stopped giving reasons why I can't. It will never be a "good enough" reason why I can't do something. If they can't handle that reason, I guess that's their problem. Glad that I'n not the only one getting the guilt trip.