Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who's Got Your Vote??

If you're unsure where your candidate for President stands on the great moral issues of our time, take a look here and here and here and here

These are all public records. These are the candidates' OWN answers listed in the Voter's Guide. Before you make your decision on who will lead this country, make sure you know exactly where that person stands. Don't let ignorance be your guide. As Christians, we need to be looking for a person who will lead us in a morally upright way. There are more issues involved than who has the best plan for the economy. I'm not saying that's not important; but how a person would vote on family values issues says alot about his or her character. If they are willing to disregard a human life, how will that affect their entire presidency? Trusting God will protect our country doesn't mean we ignore our moral convictions. No person on earth will make a perfect President, because we are not perfect beings. There will always be disappointments with any decision made. But simply voting for someone because you disliked this last presidency is irresponsible. I didn't agree with everything he did, but he was consistent on the stands he took with regard to human life and that to me is more important than paying $4 a gallon for gas.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Heidi! Thanks for ALL of the info and time you put in to researching the candidates views. There are core issues we have the privilege to stand firm on as believers. We must go to the word and find what God views as important. Whoever makes it into the White House will be accountable to God and so will we for how we vote.