Friday, May 2, 2008

Holland's Project

I live in a world that is overrun with projects. Putting ink in ice cube trays to see how it freezes in water; using a wagon, my canning pot, nails, little green army men, tennis racquet, water guns, pinecones and water hose nozzle to build something (don't ask me what it is. It's just a big mess in my opinion). But a few days ago he was working out front with his rollerblades. I went out to see what all the noise was (why is there noise with rollerblades?) He had removed the innards of the rollerblades, found 2X4's and NAILED them to the wood. He was planning on using them as skates. This was not surprising because a couple weeks ago, he built a luge out of a big empty IKEA box and a skatboard and actually flew down the sidewalk on this thing. So, here's my attempt to laugh off the rollerblade incident. My laughter is pretty quiet right now but here's a picture. I'm working on getting him a broken washing machine so he can take it apart and we can be done with ruining perfectly good rollerblades.

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