Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Injection Scheduled

Last week when we saw the pediatric rheumatologist, the nurse said she'd be calling later in the week to schedule the first injection. On Friday I got a message on my answering machine that I could barely hear. I've been having trouble with my phone for over a week. The garbled message got me frustrated, so I braved calling the phone company (there's an $80 charge if the problem is found to be your equipment and not a line problem).

The phone company had called back within a couple hours and had someone out. About 10 minutes after he first called (and heard all the buzzing) he called a second time on a crystal clear line. I was wowed and asked what he did. He said there were "rodents" in the line box! Gross! He didn't mention if they were alive or dead but said he's found interesting things before.

So now I was able to call back the nurse and we got Egypt's first injection scheduled for May 23rd at 9 a.m. The anesthesiologist will call me (done that before!) and go over the procedure.

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Laura and the family said...

EEWWW!!!! I wouldn't want to touch dead or alive rat. You are lucky you did not see the rat. I did.

One of my cats dropped the dead grover in the dark hammer. The hammer had a foul smell. Without my knowledge, I thought the clothes in the hammer had a foul smell. So, I began to sort the clothes so I could wash the clothes. In the middle of sorting the clothes, I happened to have a half of grovers' head in my hand. I SCREAMED! My dad came to rescue me. I washed TONS of TIMES. My cat just meowed and acted like if it was a gift for me from him.

Besides this, I will keep thinking of your daughter on the day of her first injection. Oh poor girl! Send her my hugs and kisses for all of us.