Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rough Day

Every morning I have to go get Egypt out of bed. She calls for me to come get her and I have to carry her around. To the bathroom. Downstairs to eat. To the van to take Romania to school. Her knee hurts so bad that it takes several hours for the pain to decrease so she can walk. Usually by 11 or 12, she's walking more normal, though she may "favor" that leg a bit more.

Today was a really bad day. At church I had to carry her from the van to her classroom. Then one of the teachers had to carry her to the room where the kids sing songs together. I had to carry her out of the van, into the house. Then to the table for lunch and upstairs for her nap. She slept for three hours and had wet the bed, so I carried her to the tub for a bath. It was 4 o'clock and she was still hobbling around. It was so awful to watch. By 8 o'clock, she still had not walked without limping.

We have five more days before the injection. I'm going to call the hospital to see if they can get her in sooner.

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MacKender 4 said...

I hope the injections help her out. I feel so bad for her (and you). Your in my prayers! Hang in there.