Thursday, May 8, 2008

Distracting myself

I'm trying to distract myself from reality by sewing. Sounds dumb. But I've been wanting to sew and sell on etsy for quite a while. I've made several very nice pieces, but the weather's been so lousy I can't get outside to take pictures in natural light.

She looks so innocent. Her bouncy blonde curls. We already have an eye appointment tomorrow to check for eye disease. I was googling "JRA" and found out that the eye disease can be glaucoma, cateracts and infections. She has a 20% chance of developing inflammatory eye disease. There is a 40% chance of having serious long-term disabilities. There's a 20% chance it will go on to affect other joints. Now, every time she complains about something hurting, I'm moving that body part to see if it's swollen. She complained of her toe hurting just before bed, and I took off her pajamas to inspect it more closely. She complained of her elbow hurting at dinner; she couldn't climb into her high chair. I immediately checked the elbow movement. I'm going to become this totally paranoid mother.

So far, I can find nothing good about this. How will a blind child communicate with a deaf dad?

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