Friday, May 23, 2008

A 7 year-old's worldview

Yesterday I took Romania and Egypt to the dentist. He didn't have school because the kids were to do a community service project. (More on that later). They were able to squeeze us in this morning.

The dentist said that he would be doing an x-ray of Romania's teeth. He showed Romania the little white squares, explained how to bite down and showed him the machine that would take the picture. Romania asked if he should smile for the picture! Classic.

We also got into discussing our state's recent Primary election. The hygenist jokingly asked if Romania had voted and we were all surprised when he said "yes." She went along with this and said "Who did you vote for?"
His reply? "Obama!"
"What? How do you know who that is?"
"Some boy on the bus was talking about a woman named Clinton and he said he liked Obama."

Doesn't God give great teachable moments?

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