Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm on serious brain overload

Today I picked up Holland from school at 12.30 for a 1 p.m. appointment with his psychiatrist. I had forgotten to tell my mom what time and she raced out here so I could be on time. We got to the doctor's office and the door was locked. We looked at each other and just stood there. We heard voices inside, so I said, "should we knock?" He knocked quietly on the door and someone opened up. Well, dumb me, our appointment wasn't until 3 o'clock! I picked him up from school an hour and a half early, raced out 30 minutes away and we had a two hour block of time.

I asked if there was any way the doctor would be able to come in early (nope). Romania needs to be picked up at the bus hub at 4 and there would be no way for me to be there to get him. With my parent's one car situation, it's hard to scramble transporation. I called my mom and explained to her my mistake. She suggested calling my dad to see if he could be back in town to pick up Romania. He was able to do that, so that just left 2 hours for us to kill. We went to Trader Joe's and wandered around buying a few groceries. Even with the wandering, it only took 30 minutes. So we drove around and found a Starbucks. I bought Holland a hot cocoa and myself a raspberry iced tea. We still had almost an hour left. So I just decided to drive around and see what we could find to do. I made a wrong turn and ended up getting on the freeway. Oh well. We killed more time by going to the mall and walking around.

We made it back to the doctor's office with time to spare. We had a good conversation. We're going to try to take Holland off one more mood stabilizer so he'll just be on one. The doctor was excited about the possibility of him being able to attend the Charter school that Romania goes to. I also have several summer activities lined up (if expenses work out) that would just be perfect for the boys. There's a SCRAP camp that the campers use recycled materials to make things. Right up his alley. Problem is it costs $100 each and I want them to go together. The groups are really small; there are 3 adults for the group of 10 kids and each adult is an AmeriCorp member (they do various volunteering projects for youth and communities; mentoring, etc). There is also a sports camp at our church and I want all three kids to have swim lessons before we head to the lake for our annual vacation.

It was hard enough keeping track of all of Holland's doctor appointments: Physical Therapy; Psychiatrist; Therapist; IEP meetings at school; orthotics fittings and follow ups for his surgery. Now I'm adding all of Egypt's appointments: initial evaluation by the Rheumatologist; eye doctor appointment to check for eye disease; and now these every-three-month injections at the hospital. The dam's gonna break.

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Hang in are in my thoughts and prayers! Lindsey