Thursday, February 14, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

Everything's so much more fun with water, right? So why not on Valentine's Day? Not that we were planning anything spectacular, but you never want to have to deal with an overflowing toilet.

I had just finished getting the kids dinner. Egypt had been finished for a few minutes and called to me saying she needed help with her clothes. This is always a clue to some greater mischief. She said she needed to change her clothes because they were wet. We're very close to being finished with potty training and any time she gets a little wet, ALL the clothes come off and she finds clean ones in her drawers. I put her back on the toilet to see if she would go again. No luck. So, got her dressed and went back downstairs. The boys were playing a game on the computer, so I sat down for a breather. Not even 5 minutes later, I hear a strange dripping noise upstairs, like someone forgot to turn off the faucet. I had Romania go investigate. Needless to say, "you're not going to believe this!" is not what you want to hear. I ran upstairs and water is gushing out of the bathroom floor onto the hall carpet. I get in the bathroom and the toilet (I'm thanking higher powers that it was clean water) is running over. I turn off the valve at the bottom and start yelling to the boys to get towels. I had no idea how I was going to clean this up. How do you pick up an inch of water on a floor? I race back downstairs and see that the water is dripping through the ceiling from a vent. Fabulous! Now we're going to have moldy drywall. I grab a plastic bowl and throw everything off the table it's dripping onto, shove the bowl under the drip and grab a broom and dustpan. Back upstairs the boys are stomping on the very wet towels. So basically I swept up the water and kept throwing it into the tub. It worked pretty well.

I even had time to page super-hero dad and tell him about our little fiasco. But his pager has been on the fritz and he didn't get the message. When he opened the door, the boys run at him and start explaining about the big water mess. We figured out (process of elimination since she was the only one up there) that Egypt kept flushing the toilet. Practicing for when she actually uses it.

Tonight super-hero dad and I ignored the humongous mess in the kitchen and watched a movie. How romantic! Too bad I didn't think to get a picture. Now that I have some where to write about all our mishaps, I'm constantly evaluating if the situation would make a good blog post and if so, how fast can I grab the camera. Sorry. I grabbed a bowl instead.

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Laura and the family said...

OH Man, I'm sorry you had to go through with the turmoil!! That's something you would not forget especially this Valentine's. Next time will make it up for better Valentine's.