Monday, February 18, 2008

10 Things.....

That will send me to the nut house:

1. Going to use a strainer in the kitchen only to find it's been mangled by the resident scientist.

2. Canning jars of peaches and not being able to find the gripper. Again, compliments of the scientist.

3. Reaching for gum in my purse, only to find that it's been stolen.

4. Having computer paper used for art projects.

5. Finding frozen colored ice pops in the freezer that have been made with ink from a pen.

6. Vacuuming 20 minutes ago and still being able to find bits of crackers, popcorn or pretzel trails on the floor.

7. Finding old sandwiches, dried up food and banana peels under a bed.

8. Stepping on Legos that I just asked to be taken upstairs. They must have walked down on their own.

9. Answering the same question 5 times, asked 5 different ways, and still giving the same answer in less than 10 minutes.

10. Washing clothes and finding legos, rocks, food wrappers and hard candy in the dryer after the cycle.

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