Sunday, February 24, 2008

Freezer Burn

Last week I spent five hours with my mom cooking 10 meals. I've cooked freezer meals before, but I convinced my mom to come help me cook by enticing her with 5 meals of her own. Tonight I pulled out my first one. Little disappointed. It was Lemon Chicken. I had made this before, but don't remember it tasting so bland. I also made it fresh the night we ate it, so maybe that was the difference. (Super-hero dad didn't even notice, whew!) I was cleaning out the freezer (in search of ice cream) and starting to pull stuff out to throw away. I can't believe some of the stuff I found! It's really quite disgusting how long you can keep food. Every time I would look at something, I would convince myself that I would be in need of that someday. I'm embarrassed to admit (but what are you going to do about it, right?) that I pulled out 6 year old homemade spaghetti sauce. Yes, that's right. For some reason, I've been looking at the same spaghetti sauce in a plastic box thinking I would use it for the past six years. Can you top that??

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Jax said...

I have a ham hock that has been in my freezer for well over 7 years. It seems pretty gross when you think about it, but I got it when we cleaned out my Grandma's house when my Grandpa died. I know this because I was pregnant with Bug when I got it. I was really close to my Grandpa and for some reason had a hard time with parting with things that came from their house.
The funny thing (if not a little disturbing) is ...we don't eat meat. Haven't for quite some time.

You may have inspired me. Today just may be the day ol' Wilbur makes a trip to the garbage :)