Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, Therapist, Therapist

There should probably be one more therapist in there. Holland had an appointment with an Occupational Therapist today. I was thinking it was more for strengthening his back and some small motor issues I've noticed, but the OT pointed out many things I hadn't noticed. (Which is why I'm not an OT). I brought his IEP, writing samples and a list of the meds he is on. I had seen a change in his handwriting over the past year or so. When I was schooling at home, he had really nice handwriting. Very careful to copy the words, spacing was right on. He had all the mechanics. But by the end of his 2nd grade year and the beginning of 3rd grade, I saw a drop in legibility, spacing, and letter formation. After a short observation, the OT thinks that his writing problems could be linked to his medication. I knew that tremors were a possible side effect of one, but assumed it would be noticeable in daily activity. She had me watch him write and sure enough, there was a shakiness to his writing. This is probably not something that can be remedied with therapy, but not to worry, he has plenty of other things to be concerned with!

He has trouble copying body movements. She had him stand facing her and he was to copy her movements. He had great difficulty with some of them and after watching him I wondered how he lasted so long in karate. He could not touch his right arm to a lifted right knee and then switch. He would lift one knee and then touch the standing leg with the wrong hand. He also had trouble raising his arms fully extended above his head. She asked me if he had ever broken his arm. Nope. But he's double jointed in his elbows and after she pointed it out, I wondered why I never noticed it! We're going to meet with the OT once a week and looks like we'll also see a Phsyical Therapist to help with movement related to his Spina Bifida and tethered cord. I also filled out a lengthy sensory questionnaire. It will be interesting to see how all his sensory issues relate to his current struggles and frustrations. We're slowly getting more of the picture here. If this were a 500 piece puzzle, I'd say we've successfully completed 6 pieces so far.

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