Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Green Light; Red Light!!

Yesterday I played a game of Red Light, Green Light with a pickup. Apparently I lost. I was less than 2 minutes from my house. I think there's some research that says 90% of all car accidents happen less than 2 miles from your house. We've proved that theory.

I had taken Romania to school and was planning to hit the jogging path to walk with Egypt. The path is only 1/2 mile but it started to rain and I was getting cold. So after just one time, we headed home. I had a green light heading through an intersection. I could see this smaller pickup coming at me from the right and could do nothing about it. He slammed into the back right side of the van. I hit the brakes but spun completely around and blew both back tires. It was awful. The noise was so loud. I was rattled and crying but was able to get out of the car to check on Egypt who is sitting cock-eyed still strapped in her seat. Luckily she was sitting on the driver's side and her door opened and I got her out. Some very nice people from a hair salon came out to help me get Egypt and my things and go sit inside their business.

It's been hectic trying to figure out where to send the van to be fixed, talking with insurance people, buying a new car seat for Egypt, visiting the ER and a chiropractor and getting the boys to and from school. I just picked up Vicodin and muscle relaxers and am heading to bed.

I brought Egypt with me to the chiropractor this afternoon just to be sure everything was in the right place. She was very tired from going two days without any naps and was kind of crabby on the drive into town. I told her that God would not be happy with the way she was talking and if it continued she would be punished. She kept saying she didn't want to go to the doctor and said, "Jesus said he wants you to take me to Fred Meyer." (a local grocery store) I had to fight back the laughter to keep from driving off the road. How do kids come up with such hilarious ideas? I said we couldn't go to Fred Meyer but I could take her to "Star Chicken" (what she calls Carl's Jr.) if she obeyed at the doctor. Lucky for me she obeyed because I was hungry!


Laura and the family said...

One thing I can say is that I'm glad you and your daughter are okay from the accident.

I guess your daughter was hungry when she wanted to go to "Fred Meyers"- grins! Thanks goodness for her patience when you really wanted to go to "Star Chicken."

Highday said...

Glad you are all ok!!