Sunday, October 21, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

We are now more than half way done with all the doctor visits before we see the surgeon in December. Holland was recently diagnosed with Spina Bifida. It's been a whirlwind diagnosis. He had an x-ray at our pediatrician's office because he had been so constipated. This has been an ongoing problem. We thought it was just from all the meds he's on to treat his bipolar, but it's not clearing up. My very thorough ped. doc sent the x-ray to a radiologist who confirmed her suspicion: spina bifida occulta (which means "hidden" in latin.) He doesn't have all the outward signs of the more serious spina bifida. It's also possible he has tethered cord. That's what all these doctor appointments are for. He's had an MRI, another x-ray, an abdominal scan, seen a GI doctor. It's exhausting just listing them all. We also see a LCSW every week, a chiropractor once a month and a psychiatrist once a month to monitor his meds. We have to see a Urologist to rule out kidney and bladder problems.
Sometimes I wonder why he was given so many things to deal with. It must be because God has some great plan for him to minister to someone. One day, one person will be so affected by all that he's gone through, that that person will turn his life over to Christ. I so want this to be glorifying to God. He has so many things going against him; but he has the most important thing going for him: God's love and committment to him as His child.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pic of the boys. Isn't it a joy to look at them when they are sleeping. Somehow in that moment all the chaos of the day is washed away.

I like the tulip pic too.