Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ugly templates

Why are all the templates for blogs so ugly? I searched and searched (it's now 12.32 am) and I'm sick of looking, so white it is. Plus, hubby is upstairs snoring and I can't sleep. More on that problem later.

"Postcards from Holland" refers to the writing by Emily Perl Kingsley titled "Welcome to Holland" about raising a child with disabilities. (Check out her piece here: We have three lovely children, all with their special idiosyncracies. Since we moved to "Holland", we also have two other children; Romania and Egypt. So you see we are basically the United Nations living under one roof.

Since it's so late (or early depending on what time zone you're in), I'm going to bed to listen to more snoring and figure out how I'm going to get up to get a kid on the bus and two more out the door for homeschooling co-op. Wish me luck!

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RevReav said...

I am proud of you for blogging. I think you have something to offer. I just read the Holland essay the other day. It is absolutely wonderful! Way to go!