Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The numbing effect

Today I had to brave a dentist appointment. I don't mind a good teeth cleaning, but today I had to get fillings down near my gums because the root was becoming exposed. After swabbing the surface to make it numb, I had 4 shots to numb the entire right side of my mouth and jaw. You forget how much you need your tongue when you're trying to swallow without using it. After grinding the teeth with a little buzz saw, he gave me a break and let me spit (which just dribbled down my chin and onto my pants. Remember Kramer after his dentist appointment?) So they put everything back in place and start on the bottom. Immediately I felt pain shoot down my jaw and neck. Everything comes back off and another shot to numb that one stubborn nerve. Have you ever seen that movie "Dumb Luck" with Martin Short? He's allergic to bee stings and happened to get stung while in a small plane. The camera pans over to him and his entire face has swelled! It's the most hilarious thing because you aren't expecting this giant balloon face.
That's what I feel like. My sister said I was talking normal, but it feels like I have something hanging off my face. Half of my tongue is numb, too. THAT'S a weird feeling. I wonder if this is what Botox injections feel like? I'd rather have thin lips.

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